Replacing spokes with stainless steel versions

By Old Git Ray

Sea air and Super Tenere’s do not mix well….

We were camped for 10 days or so on the Costa Brava camped in our motorhome beside the sea. Whilst there we had a 4 day tornado that we fortunately were in the middle of.

Knowing that bike and salt do not make good bedfellows I wax washed it, twice, and covered it up with a breathable cover. The likes of FS635 (or whatever its called) or gunk, or ACF50 do not appear to exist in Spain. I even sprayed a thick mixture of Turtle Wax on the disks and spokes every day.

I then managed to get some stainless ones from Hagon Ltd, Hainault Essex, UK. They are a spoke and shock absorber producing company with very long pedigree of drag and dirt track racing. They now have the sizes on record should anyone else want a set for £150 all in.
(note from the admin: in the USA Woody’s Wheel Works should be able to help you out – and if you want to go all the way, he can do that too. Also stainless spokes may be available from Buchanan’s Spoke & Rim Inc. in California.)

I have nice shiny stainless spokes on now. Here’s the process for fitting them.