Looking for an answer to the windshield problem

One of the areas that the Super Tenere ergonomics that is ripe for improvement is the windscreen. I’ve never been comfortable with it a highway speeds, constant buffeting is draining after a while. The fact that I wear a Shoei Hornet dual-sport helmet with a peak on it probably doesn’t help, but that same helmet on my V-Strom (with a Cee-Baileys screen) doesn’t cause me anything like the same issues.

In fact I went to the extreme of trying to emulate the Cee-Bailey on the Super Tenere. It has a vent cut about a third of the way from the bottom of the screen, intended I gather to equalize pressure somewhat between the inside of the screen and the outside, and thereby reduce turbulance. After sacrificing my stock screen to some fairly unscientific science, I can say that a cutout similar to the V-Strom version of the Cee-Bailey definitely does NOT work.

Here’s a video I made of the stock screen with streamers attached to the periphery, and then the screen with two different sized cut-outs. You can see that regardless of the cutout, the streamers off the top of the screen aren’t doing much at all, while the streamers on the sides of the screen are doing a lot of twisting in the breeze. To my in-expert eyes, this is saying the the turbulance that many people complain about on the Super Tenere is caused by the flow around the sides of the screen, but not the top.

As a result I’ve given up messing around with the stock screen, but these experiments allow me to conclude that wider is probably better than tall for its replacement. I can’t stand looking THROUGH a screen, I have to look over it, so a tall screen is out of the question for me. Looking around, the only short, wide screen I’m seeing is the VStream Sport from National Cycle. This screen is a little taller than stock, but significantly wider. It also has a shape that accelerates the air flow out to the sides of the screen.

I’ve now fitted the sport screen, and although I wasn’t keen at first on the dark tint, it’s definitely growing on me. The screen seems very well made with little distortion in the top half, with well-finished edges and perfect fit. My only complaint so far is that due to the “bulge” in the lower part of the screen, the orange light from the indicators/running lights are reflected in the screen, which can be a bit distracting. I think I will solve this by disconnecting the blue wire in the indicators that keeps them “always on”.

So far have not tried the screen at speed, but at normal speeds around urban areas I get no turbulance, just a nice smooth flow at face height over the top. This doesn’t bother me and in fact in hot weather it’s preferable to no flow at all. I’ll update soon with behavior at speed…

I’ll also be trying the taller version, the Sport-Tour. More on that later.

VStream Sport


VStream Sport Screen


VStream Sport Screen


VStream Sport Screen


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  1. Keith george says:

    Good info- I wound up using the madstad bracket and the Cee Baileys shield, along with their wind deflectors. I like the look of the V-Stream. I think that the Madstad barcket is doing the changing the airflow in same manner as the “vent”, since the shield is moved out about 3/4 of an inch away. I also like the fact I can adjust my shield for rain, or actually put a ton of air on me if I want to.

  2. dutchy says:

    Currently also testing different screens,

    The MRA Sport screen is wider and gives less buffeting … but it’s far from perfect.
    Right now I have fitted the Givi Airflow …. but it’s pretty high.

    Please keep us updated.

  3. Dutchy says:


    Check out the MRA sportscreen.. it’s wider and removes the heavy turbulence in my case ..

  4. Andrea says:

    Can you test the screen with the streamers ? it would be very interesting, thanks


    • Trevor Angel says:

      I have the taller V-stream now – the mid-size one. It’s perfect for me. I don’t have streamers to test on it, but I’ll post a pic soon that shows something similar.

  5. hANNAbONE says:

    I’m using the Parabellum 24″ with a WASP adjuster. I have zero turbulence or back pressure.
    If I want air I pull the top back towards me. If I want to be in quiet still air, I push it all the way forward and am in still air.

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