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Fenix flashlight

I ran across this Fenix E05 R2 Flashlight on a photography site. It was highly recommended for photographers because of its power, it’s “color” and the smooth, even glow it gives out. That makes it good for lighting scenes without flash, especially when using long exposures. It’s also good for setting up gear in total darkness, as photographers are wont to do.

For motorcyclists, a compact,  powerful flashlight has a multitude of uses – I didn’t realize how many until I started carrying it on my keychain! I’m sure you’ve seen those tiny LED’s for keychains – good for finding the keyhole, but that’s about it. This is great for looking in those dark cavities of the engine if you drop something, or setting up your entire campsite, or reading in your tent – abundant white light.

Initially I thought it was too big to hang off the keychain, and it would rattle around and tear up its surroundings. However I had a piece of leather on the keychain that came with my Concours back in 2002 (thanks Ralph) and it turns out it is perfect for wrapping around the flashlight. Now it’s on my keychain full-time, and doesn’t do any damage to either the flashlight or the area surrounding the ignition switch.

If there is a downside it’s that the battery is only rated at 2.5 hours. In the beginning this seemed like plenty, but I’ve found it so useful that I’ve been using it a lot, and after about 6 weeks I’m nearly ready for a new battery.

Available from Amazon – get it here– and cooincidentally, help support this site!

Fenix flashlight

All wrapped up in leather and rubber... hmmm...


Fenix flashlight

Lens design gives an even light with no "hotspots"

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