Rumbux combined crashbar and skidplate – military-grade protection

The Rumbux integrated crash bar/skid plate design is a three piece unit. The main, lower bars, the skid plate, (which bolts to the main lower bars with 6 easy to access bolts), and the upper crash bar unit that includes the hoop up under the lights. The upper unit bolts to the lower unit and one of the oem plastic engine guard bolt locations, (these are retained, in part because the left one is the bottom radiator mount), as well as an included flat bar support from the bottom of the neck area to the center of the under headlight hoop.

Rumbux are made in South Africa – the local environment is a tough one for bikes, and that’s reflected in the sturdiness built into this protection system.

These are very strong, very well built and bolt up easily to the bike.  A second set of hands is helpful at times, but not necessary. Both side panels can be removed with the bars in place.  The upper bar unit comes off without too much work if needed for maintenance or farkling work.

One of the unique benefits of this crash bar/skid plate is that the skid plate is not bolted to the engine in any way. The bars are bolted up at strong factory locations with supplied longer bolts.

The skid plate does require the use of factory length oil filters in the 2.5″ length, which are plentiful in the aftermarket. Also of note is that Fender extensions are not recommended with this unit, as it is possible for the extended fender to hit or hook over the front cross bar where the skid plate mounts during a heavy impact or during full suspension travel. This can result in a broken front fender! (the same applies to many other skidplates on the market). No issue with the stock length fender.

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