Jesse Odyssey Panniers and Racks

I bought one of the first sets of panniers and racks produced by Jesse Luggage for the Super Tenere. It was a relatively easy decision – true, it was a lot of money ($1250 at the time) but Jesse bags have a long reputation for ruggedness, combined with good capacity and narrow width. All these things were near the top of my list of requirements (only thing that wasn’t was the price! Oh well, can’t have everything.) Plus I’d had a set of Jesse’s previously on my 650 V-Strom and had been impressed with them there.

The only disappointment was that I couldn’t transfer the bags from the 650 to the Super Tenere. Jesse bags are made to fit snug to the bike, and because of this there is no such thing as a “universal fit” – bags are tailored for each model. This is one of the contributing factors to the high price. On the other hand, you won’t find a “universal” bag of equivalent capacity that is anywhere near as narrow in overall with. This includes other high-priced alternatives such as the Touratech Zega Pro.

The mounting racks come with a range of spacers, giving you the option of mounting “wide” at 37.5″ and keeping the passenger grab rails (shown here), or removing the grab rails and pulling the bags in as tight as possible – which turns out to be 35.25″ in my case. Not bad for 105 litre total capacity. Compare that to the Zega Pro at 41″ and 83 litres – and $1476.

Six months into ownership and I’m still very happy with the Jesse luggage. My only complaint (and yes, maybe I will complain about it) is that the coating on the racks, whatever it is, seems rather thin and has worn through in spots. Even in some nooks and crannies, where there is no wear, I’m seeing spots of rust.

Overall though, highly recommended.

Jesse Odyssey Panniers

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  1. Andy Hall says:

    Are you still happy with the Jesse’s?

    Are the mounts solid without a rear crossbar hoop?

    Been eyeing these and the Touratech Zega Pros.

    Thanks for the info

  2. hANNAbONE says:

    I actually know Al pretty well and purchased the silver Tenere Odyssey bags from the photo shoot for their website.
    They are terrific and I cannot think of anything else I’d rather have on the back of my SinisterBlack Supa10. Great product

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