Looking after the rear shock – or… making the yellow go away!

Traxxion Dynamics Shock Socks

Say goodbye to the yellow!

In line with my philosophy of “hardening” the Super Tenere to make it tougher and more reliable in the long run, I just added a Traxxion Dynamics vented rear shock sock. The idea behind this is similar to the neoprene fork boots I use on the front fork legs – to keep dirt and rubbish off the shock shaft/fork tubes and hopefully extend the life of the seals. With a trip to South America on the horizon, I don’t want to have the trip disrupted with suspension issues if I can avoid it.

The “Shock Socks” are a simple idea – a sturdy textile wrapper with elastic at the top and bottom, designed to fit around the shock body and joined with velco. Ventilation via holes in the Velcro section means that as the internal volume changes with the movement of the shock, air can easily pass in and out. Here’s the cool part though – the vents are designed to breathe THROUGH the velco, which in effect filters air that gets inside the sock. This should mean that the shock will be operating in a pretty clean environment – not only free of mud and water, but free of fine dust as well. Seals should last much longer.

I like the theory anyway!

Installation is a bit fiddly. You need to remove the plastic shock guard to get sufficient access, and then get the sock around the shock, attached at the top, and gradually work at getting the velocro closure joined while working the elasticated bottom end toward the last coil. Once on it fits quite neatly.

The only downside I see is this installation procedure means there will be some reluctance on my part to unwrap the shock for inspection. I will force myself to do it every oil change! I think now that I’ve done it once it’ll probably only take 15 minutes or so. It may be possible to separate the Velcro in the middle and peer in with a flashlight…

There are neoprene shock socks available as well, but I decided to try the Traxxion Dynamics version – it’s a few dollars cheaper and has the venting. Also it occurred to me that the insulating properties of neoprene might contribute to the shock overheating in some circumstances.

Price of the sock is reasonable at $16.95. Standard shipping, as shown in Traxxion Dynamics shopping cart, is not so great. However if you make a note in the comments field about the small size of the item, they will ship via USPS for $6.00. If ordering for the Super Tenere, you’ll need the 8″ version.


Shock Sock showing vents through Velcro

Shock Sock - the plastic guard still needs to be reinstalled

Shock Sock - the plastic guard still needs to be reinstalled

Shock sock installed - if you don't like the logo to be visible you can easily rotate the sock.

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