Altrider Luggage Rack Review

Altrider rider rear rack for Super TenereI installed the Altrider luggage rack a few weeks ago. What a lovely piece of work. The rugged design and precise fabrication (with beveled edges on all the sharp bits) give it a real quality feel.

Installation was a breeze, instructions hardly required. The hardest part was removing the redundant Yamaha parts – and that was pretty easy!

The rack is designed to be installed in two possible configurations – high, with a small “glovebox” underneath, or low, without the glovebox but sitting flush with the luggage tray that is exposed after the pillion seat is removed. Clever. On the high setting there’s enough space in the storage are for some tools or a compressor and tire repair kit. The low setting is level with the luggage tray so is very convenient for carrying a duffle lengthways when traveling solo.

One of the issues I had with the standard rack – apart from the fact that it’s pretty flimsy plastic – is it’s small size. We all know it’s not a good idea to carry a lot of weight too far back on the bike (Yamaha specify 11lbs/5kg for the stock rack), but sometimes it’s good to carry large, light items such as tents on the rear rack. The small surface area of the stock rack can make this difficult. The Altrider rack is a big improvement.

This rack has a multitude of options for tie-down points, as well as coming pre-drilled to take a Givi top box mounting plate and a mount for the Rotopax gasoline pack.

There are rear racks available from SW-Motech, Touratech (and probably others). Neither are a match for the Altrider in terms of functionality; surprisingly Touratech is quite a bit cheaper, but also a lot smaller. SW-Motech have an optional quick-release adapter plate for enlarging the surface area of their rack, making it ideal for mounting soft luggage.

One thing in favor of the Touratech and Hepco & Becker is that they both have racks for the pillion luggage tray that are designed to mate with their rear racks. (here and here) This should be high on Altrider’s list of things to develop for the Super Tenere (for one thing – I want one!).

The Altrider luggage rack sells for $189.32 from Altrider or Revzilla.


Altrider Luggage Rack

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  1. George says:

    I agree, I installed the Altrider parts on my bike too and they are really well put together. I will be posting pictures of the SW-Motech Trax bags soon on my blog and what I did to mount the bags to the Altrider part. I didn’t use the supplied plate from SW-Motech.

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