Super Ténéré parts from… Bali?

Yes, you read that right… this small island in Indonesia has now played its part in feeding my Super Tenere farkle addiction!

Here’s the story. My nephew got married in Bali, and most of my family came from Perth to attend. I traveled from DC (36 hours each way, thank you very much) to attend and also catch up with family and friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. I was also my first time in Bali. I’d traveled around Asia quite a bit in the past, but always avoided Bali due to the preponderance of “ugly Australians”. I’m sure you know the type. Actually every country has their own version in places that are over-touristed by particular nationalities that are culturally insensitive, and drink too much. Bali is IT for Australia, it’s the closest and cheapest “exotic” destination, so the poor locals have to put up with thousands of Aussie yobbos every year in order to extract a few bucks from them.

After avoiding Bali for so long, I was pleasantly surprised. People are fun and friendly, food is delicious and cheap, and there are still places to go where you can get away from the bars and the t-shirt and DVD sellers.

The scenery in the mountains is stunning…

Rice Paddies in Bali

Rice paddies in the mountains in Bali


motorcycling in Bali

motorcycling in Bali

Of course the best way to get away is by motorcycle. Yamaha make an neat little 150cc water-cooled, fuel-injected model that’s styled along the lines of the FZ1. Components are cheap crap and suspension is not made for a 200lb lump like me… but it’s a fun little ride and it cost me $10/day to rent and used hardly any fuel. When it did need fuel, I filled up from a 1.5 litre vodka bottle from the market on the side of the road.

When riding it’s best to go with the flow and do as the locals do. The only rule is… there are no rules. You see a gap, fill it before somebody else does. Traffic jammed? Ride on the footpath, or on the wrong side of the road. Easy peasy.

Anyway, what about the Super Tenere parts? My eldest nephew is a car nut, and I’d sent him parts from the US on occasion. Time for him to return the favor and bring Super Tenere parts from Oz to Bali…


Yamaha oiled foam air filter

Yamaha oiled foam air filter

The Australian model comes with two oiled foam filters. Yamaha Australia made this change due to “dustier conditions” in Australia – the implication being that oiled foam is better in those conditions. I want to ditch the paper filter because at some point I plan to be in places where a filter won’t be available. So I need a serviceable air filter. I already have a K&N, and now the oiled foam. Both have their pros and cons, and I’ll be testing both to see what suits me best. I’ve had a K&N in the V-Strom for a long time now, and know that it lets through fine particles when it’s clean. After it gets “blocked up” a bit, it filters better. Foam on the other hand has a reputation for filtering very well, but with much shorter service intervals than the K&N.

So I had my nephew bring me the Oz filter kit. Not bad for $56 actually.


Waspworks Raising Links

Waspworks Raising Links

Greg from Waspworks also happens to live in Perth, and distributors of his Super Tenere products, Motorrad Garage, are located just down the road from my nephew’s place. Naturally I had him drop by and make a purchase… He picked up a set of raising links for me to try. The main impetus for wanting to try these is not due to a lack of ground clearance on the S10 (although it won’t hurt to gain a bit), but rather that steering seems kinda slow to me. I’m hoping the increased rake will quicken it a bit, without sacrificing much stability.

I’ll be reviewing both these products once installed, so come back for that. Or better still, get the RSS feed from the button at the top of the page.


I’ll leave you with this fun vid from the 80’s from Australian band Redgum. Sums up the Aussie Bali experience pretty well! At long last, I’ve been to Bali too!

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