Idiot installs new handlebars, chips paintwork.

Yes that idiot would be me… I installed new bars on the weekend (story to come) and they are about an inch lower the OEM bars. I DID check the clearance once everything was mounted, but then made some fine adjustments and forgot to check again. Turned the bars hard left and – clunk. I knew straight a way what had happened.

Once I’d finished cursing I started looking for a fix. The chip was only small but went all the way through the paint to the metal. I wanted to cover it up before any rust appeared.

Turns out that Colorite  has a touch-up kit for the Impact Blue used on my bike, but I didn’t want to wait.

I took a trip to Rite-Aid and found some nail polish that I reckon is as good a match as Colorite could produce (well maybe not, but damn close). As an aside, I enjoyed having an excuse for lurking in the womens makeup isle… At $1.99, cheap enough.

I love the name of this color “Saved by the Blue” – so much more reassuring than “Impact Blue”!

This is the chip - it's what happens when an idiot installs new handbars, gets overexcited, and forgets to check for proper clearance...


This is a pretty close match doncha think? Maybe not quite as much sparkle in it as the original paint, but close enough for my purposes...


the match is pretty good - now if I could just smooth off and polish without making a bigger mess, it would be barely noticible...

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  1. George F says:

    That’s pretty amazing, a beautiful color match. Glad the chip is not that big.

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