A response from the Super Tenere Team, Yamaha Motor, Hamamatsu, Japan…

Wow, this is great!

Why? For those not familiar with the saga of the Super Tenere and its tortuous path to launch in the United States and Canada, a bit of background. First launched in Europe and the rest of the world in the middle of 2010, there was some doubt that they would come to the USA. Then in September that year Yamaha announced that they WOULD be coming to North America, but on a pre-order basis only. For a lot of us that meant placing a deposit in September, followed by a long winter waiting for the bike to arrive, supposedly in May 2011.

Then in March the terrible earthquake, tsunami and radiation leak hit Japan. Although the Yamaha factory was not directly affected, damage to suppliers and infrastructure meant that the production schedule for the Super Tenere had to be revised. The first estimate from Yamaha was that the bikes would not be delivered till November 2011.

As it turned out, most of the bikes were delivered late-July/early August. To those of us following events in Japan, this was an amazing effort, with delivery of the bikes only 2 months behind the original schedule.

A group of us from yamahasupertenere.com were so impressed by this that we got together to produce a poster to say “Thanks” to the workers at the factory who built our bikes in what must have a very stressful period for them. At the same time we pulled together some funds for a Japanese charity working in the disaster zone. All in all, a good thing for everybody involved.

Yamaha responded with a poster of their own yesterday. Absolutely AWESOME! This is the actual engineering team that is responsible for designing these bikes. Thanks guys, luv yer work!

Go here to see the original post, and the poster we sent.

Poster from Yamaha

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