My Shinko Experience

Brand new bike, brand new rear Shinko 705I’ve enjoyed the Shinko 705’s on the rear of my 1000 V-Strom for some time, so it made sense to give them a go on the new Super Tenere. I had them fitted at the dealer before I took delivery. I wasn’t expecting good life out them them – I never got more than 4000 miles on the Vee – but they are good all-rounders and for $80-something for a rear tire I’m not going to complain too much about the mileage.

My first day in the dirt on the Super Tenere was soooo much fun – his thing really inspires confidence. I was hammering it round some of the same tracks I’d done not long before on the Vee. The S10 went much faster, at the same time feeling lighter and more nimble. The “safety features” of ABS and Traction Control meant I was quicker into and out of corners (I guess they are not such a great safety feature if all they do is make you want to push more!). But honestly for the type of tracks I was on the ABS was perfect. On the Vee, there is no way I could trust myself to brake as hard and as late over variable surfaces without locking up, as I did with ease on the S10. And it’s incredible how much acceleration you can get on dirt with TCS2, when the drive is actually being turned into forward motion, rather than spinning the rear tire like the Strom does.

Unfortunately the rear Shinko 705 didn’t take kindly to this kind of treatment. I had a puncture but couldn’t find a foreign object that would have made one. I think it was just that one of these tear or cuts went all the way through the carcass. I have to conclude that a tire that’s good on the Vee is “unsuitable” for the Super Tenere… Next up – Heidenau K60’s, report to come.

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