…and down she went!

It was a silly thing, as usual. I’d pulled of on the shoulder to take a photo. Too lazy to get off the bike, I was moving my body around to get the angle I wanted. The bike tilts a little too far one way, my foot goes out – and keeps going, skidding on loose gravel. With my hands full of DSLR, my first priority was to keep it from crashing to the ground. I let the bike down as gently as I could, under the circumstances. The camera and I came through unscathed, and the bike… well, almost. Some light scratches on the Jesse Bags and H&B crash bars, which did their job admirably.

Till now the Jesses were sticker-less, but I’d picked one up at Breaks, just hadn’t “installed” it yet. The tipover made it easy to decide where to put it! Huh – I think the “Breaks” sticker would have been better if from a place called “Scratches”!

I can confirm the rumors – this bike is really very easy to pick up. Worryingly though, it wouldn’t start immediately after I’d righted it. I let her rest for a few minutes while I went for a leak, and we were both fine after that.

What you see here is the total extent of the damage – not a mark anywhere else. Considering it wasn’t a particularly gentle drop (ever tried letting a 600lb bike down gently – without using your hands?) I think it did pretty well.



Hepco & Becker crash bar damage

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