Ear buds to match the bike!

I took a trip to New York City last week for a photography seminar at Adorama Camera. The talk by well-known photojournalist David Honl was inspiring, and I came away with some gear recommendations as well. Of course I couldn’t afford any of them! Well, one – this Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap makes the camera much more secure and accessible compared to the usual camera straps. Good find.

As a bonus, I’m offering the sticker that came with the camera strap, to the first owner of a BLACK Super Tenere that asks for it in the comment section below. Even though the sentiment expressed on the sticker is not strictly true… just ask any owner of a blue one…

Black Rapid sticker

While wandering the store it occurred to me that I need some new ear buds – I found the perfect set to go with the Super Tenere. These Yamaha ear buds are a reasonable price, offer good sound quality and are a comfortable fit. All that with Yamaha quality, and color-and-logo matching to the bike, how could I resist?

UPDATE: October 10, 2011 – I used the earbuds for about 4 hours on the bike last weekend. They were the best I’ve ever used – comfortable, maintained a good seal and no pressure on them from the helmet. Really – the best I’ve ever used. Mind you, I never spend more than about $20 on ear buds, in case I lose them. Which, as a matter of fact, I did! I must have left them on a table at the lunch stop. Grrr… ordering another set now.

Yamaha EPH-20 ear buds

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