SW-Motech footpegs review

When I saw the first pictures and detail on the new Super Tenere, one of the things that impressed me was the footpeg design. It has serrations around the outside edge, with a slightly higher rubber insert in the middle. The theory is that the rubber piece is comfortable on the road (and easy on boots and shoes), but when the going gets rough the rider will stand on the pegs. Only then do the serrations come into play – the rubber is compressed and boots and serrations meet, giving good grip and control in off road situations.

That’s the theory, and it seems to work, as far as it goes… The problem comes when the peg is stressed beyond its design parameters. Take for example these early Super Tenere thrashers – a group of South Africans on a ride to the Doodsakker in Angola. They were among the first to take the Super Tenere to the edge after the launch in July 2010. They found the OEM skidplate can hole the sump, crashing on the left side with no crashbar protection can burn out the fan motor – and that a hard landing can break a footpeg…

Broken Super Tenere footpeg

This is one of the last things you’d want to happen in the middle of nowhere, especially given the high likelihood of the broken peg causing a loss of control and a crash (as if you weren’t already in trouble if you hit hard enough to break the peg!). I started looking around for alternative pegs – found a few, there a probably others;

I chose the SW-Motech because they seem well made, come with the rubber insert (missing on the others), and they are adjustable down by 15mm from the standard position. Also were a few dollars cheaper at $119.

They are working well so far, comfortable on an 800 mile trip and ok on dirt roads. I haven’t done anything where I needed the serrations yet – this is the one area where the peg fails in comparison to the stock pegs. You have to get out the 10mm wrench to remove the rubbers when you hit the dirt. It’s a minor inconvenience when on the road, I think I would just remove them before leaving home if expecting to do a lot of dirt.

I found my knee angle a little acute to be comfortable with the stock pegs, it’s noticibly better now with the pegs 15mm lower. They do however scrape pretty easily. Not a drama, just something to be aware of. If planning on a days scratching in the twisties I’d probably raise them.

UPDATE – September 30, 2011:
I’ve played around with the high and low adjustment, and used them with the rubber inserts fitted or not… I like the low position because it gives me a little more leg room. On the other hand, when playing the pegs drag a little early.

I get zero vibration through the pegs on the Super Tenere, so I thought – why bother with the rubber inserts? The teeth on the pegs aren’t so gnarly that they will tear up even light weight boots, and without the rubbers I can ride in any conditions without wondering whether I should remove them. So, I killed several birds with one stone. I raised the pegs for more ground clearance, at the same time removed the footpeg rubbers. Raising cost me 15mm of legroom, but removing the rubbers got 5mm back! The pegs are nice and wide and comfortable, and with no vibration through them, I see no reason to ever change from the current configuration.

Go HERE to see the difference between the high and low settings.

All in all, a good product at a decent price. Twisted Throttle are exclusive distributor for SW-Motech in the USA. You’ll find footpegs and other gear for the Super Tenere on their website. Twisted Throttle.


SW-Motech footpegs package

Here's what you get...

Fitting is straightforward – replace the original peg with the new pivot, using the orignal pin and spring. Then bolt the peg to the pivot using whichever hole you prefer – standard position or 15mm lower.

SW-Motech footpeg fitting

Fitting the footpeg - shown in "low" position

Next install the peg feeler and rubber (if desired).

SW-Motech footpeg


SW-Motech footpeg


Sw-Motech footpeg compared to stock Yamaha

Sw-Motech footpeg compared to stock Yamaha. Pivot points are in line and you can see the difference in length and width.

SW-Motech footpeg for Super Tenere - animation showing height adjustment

SW-Motech footpeg for Super Tenere - animation showing height adjustment

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