No, Nick has not been abducted by aliens…

Nick Sanders was on the run home – riding to Toronto from Deadhorse after fifty thousand miles on the Super Tenere – when his Spot tracker stopped sending his position outside Fargo, North Dakota. After tracking him daily during his 46-day Pan-Am there-and-back record, it seemed like he’d dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I guess Fargo, North Dakota is as likely place as any for an alien abduction…

Not so! Caroline, who managed many of the logistics of the record-setting trip, reports he’s actually been abducted by three small children. Not surprisingly they couldn’t wait to see Dad again, so Nick’s been spending time with them, and has begun working on the new book, as well as attending to sponsor obligations. One of those of course is Yamaha who are very happy with the outcome. As Caroline says “The bike was flawless”.

Nick is currently taking some time out on a slow boat to Macclesfield (or somewhere). He is plying the canals of the UK in his narrowboat. I can’t think of a better way to wind down after the big trip and prepare for the equally strenuous (but in a different way) task of writing that lies ahead.

Look out for a report from Nick on his thoughts on the Super Tenere – coming here, soon!


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