Nick Sanders completes 50,000 mile ride on his Super Tenere

Nick just completed his monumental ride, three times the length of the Americas in less than four months. This includes a record time for Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia and back again. He finished a tad under 50 days for the 30,000 mile trip, riding 20-hour days while battling border bureaucracy, crazy traffic, rough roads and inclement weather. What a gutsy effort… When you add a more leisurely trip Ushuaia to Prudhoe Bay leading a group of riders just before the start of the record attempt, total mileage for Nick and the Super Tenere amounts to around 50,000 miles since March 28. The bike was almost faultless, a leaky fork seal early on and a leaky rear drive o-ring (user error apparently – a loose strap wrapped around the wheel) are the only known problems so far.

Nick was too busy riding to do much blogging, but I’m sure he’ll catch up soon (after a couple of days sleep!). Check back here or his website for further news.


Nick Sanders passing through Montana

Nick passing through Montana on the return leg (Photo by Chad Christensen)


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  1. Peej says:

    An incredible effort, especially given that the current Guinness “World Record” is 35 days one way.

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