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Hidden easter-egg on the Yamaha USA site

This is something I’d never seen before. As far as I can tell it’s not linked from the main Super Tenere page – but the URL was included in the dealer notice that went out today. Nice work, wonder why they hid it?

Nick Sanders completes 50,000 mile ride on his Super Tenere

Nick just completed his monumental ride, three times the length of the Americas in less than four months. This includes a record time for Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia and back again. He finished a tad under 50 days for the 30,000 mile trip, riding 20-hour days while battling border bureaucracy, crazy traffic, rough roads and […]

Super Tenere delivery notice

The Super Ténéré is here!

Well not quite – they are not in our grubby little hands yet, but there are reports of them sitting in warehouses on the west coast and Chicago, awaiting shipment to dealers. They should ship any day now, and we’ll have them next week. Will update as news comes through… UPDATE – it’s official!