Two things I hope I never see again

I got a couple of cool gadgets today. I’m going to stash them in the “just in case” container in my pannier, and hope I never have to see them again.

Bead Popper

The first is the Motion Pro Bead Popper – I don’t know about you, but I usually change tires at home, using tools that stay at home. If I ever have to remove a tire on the road, I’m going to be a bit stuck. Sure, I know I can break a bead of a tire with the side stand of another bike, but what if I don’t have another bike handy? The Bead Popper is small, lightweight, and from all reports, works. I’ll be testing it at the next tire change.

UPDATE: Tried to use the bead popper – I can’t get it to work! I found this in a press release on their site (i.e. not in the general description);

The Motion Pro Bead Popper is a durable, high impact plastic tool that can dislodge stubborn tire beads from nearly any tire, even many tubeless tires. Using a dead blow hammer and the Bead Popper, a mechanic can quickly dismount a tire bead and get on with the job of changing the tire or tube with less effort and time.

Ahhh so that’s my problem – I’m using a rubber mallet, and a regular claw hammer, but not a DEAD BLOW HAMMER. I don’t have one in my tools at home, let alone by the side of some lonely backroad doing emergency tire repairs. So much for a light, compact item to stow on your bike – you need to carry a hammer as well – and not just any hammer! Bah!

I explained all this to Motionpro and they graciously gave me a credit for it.

Block and Tackle

The other item is one that I really really hope I never have to use. I often ride alone, and on more than one occasion I’ve slid off in some mud on some lonely dirt road somewhere. Luckily no injuries and little damage, but what if one day the bike slides into a gutter, and I just can’t get it out without help? I probably have a long walk. That’s where the EZ-Pull block and tackle comes in. It should be a big help in dragging the bike out of a desperate situation. As I said, I hope I never need it. But I’ll be testing it so that I know how to use it if that day comes.

It weighs 1/2 pound and will fit easily in my JIC box. Available from Adventure Engineering. More info at


EZ-Pull lightweight block and tackle

EZ-Pull lightweight block and tackle

Motion Pro Bead Popper

Motion Pro Bead Popper

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