Jesse bags for the Super Tenere

I’m at the BMWMOA National Rally in Bloomsburg, PA. I was talking to Rick from, who told me he’d sold 100 sets of Jesse luggage for the S10. Great! But what’s really interesting is what that might indicate for total Super Tenere sales. Popular guestimates for the US is around 1000 units. This would mean 10% of all US S10’s will be wearing Jesse luggage (assuming most sales are to US buyers). This seems unlikely – so it may be an indication that Yamaha sold many more than the 1000 estimate – hmmm?


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  1. I was there too with my brother. Couldn’t really enjoy the show due to the heat.

  2. admin says:

    Yeh I rode up early Saturday from DC, intending to camp the night. Too hot! So headed back to DC at 8.30pm. The rally seemed smaller than previous years, I guess the down economy had an effect, and the heat kept some people away.

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