The Tenere has landed! (in Canada, at least)

First report from a Canadian Super Tenere owner – Yukondood

got the call early today, I ride and play with the owner, sales manager and head mechaninc and was lucky enough to PDI my bike.  No one else hands touch it!!

Quick and easy set up, did the paper work insurance, registration and was out the door at 4:30.  went home showed the kids and wife, filled my face and off for Skagway.  Trip cut short as I forgot my passport.  So went and did the Carcross/Tagish loop, put on in total 350kms tonight.  Off to the Canol Road in am, fore sure South possibly North- we will see.

here are my thoughts, keep in mind I came off sport bikes
Firstly well set up, simple and easy to read gauges, shift like hot knife through butter.
I am 5 11 and started with seat in low position with windshield second from the top.  No wind buffeting but felt a bit cramped.  Moved seat to high position and felt much better on the legs.  Pulled the bars a bit back from the PDI suggested location.
This bike is a tame cruiser and fun to ride, it is exaclty what I thought it would be based on reads and other feedback.  I needed to get away from the R-1 scene as I was going to kill myself.  This bike is no slouch don’t get me wrong.
Once set up ergo’s were awesome, again coming off no sheild sport bikes- the stock shield worked great for me.
Ran into a bit of rain and was suprised at the blow by from the cowlings on my lower body-barely got wet!!
Run it up to 180 several times with ease and cruised nicely at 5500 rpms.  Pushed it once to 200 kmp/h took a bit to roll from 190-200.  Not sure it will go much more that that…
Played in the desert and felt the need for the ABS shutoff!!

Off to the garage to throw on the micatech bags.

One happy camper

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