Tyres for the Super Tenere

I have a rear K60 Scout coming this week. The Shinko 705 on the Strom has a few more miles in it, but not much chop in dirt any more. It’s done 3600 miles/5700 km.

I love the Shinkos, great price, good on road and off, and although they wear quite quickly, seem to maintain a nice round profile right to the end. I have a set to install on the S10 from day one, but I’m worried that the extra weight and power will chew the rear out quickly. Hence the trial of the K60 – twice the milage? We’ll see. It had better get at least that, it’s more than twice the price!

Update: the Scout came today and now lives on the rear of my Vee. Not too hard to fit – the fact that it was straight off the back of a very hot UPS truck probably helped.


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  1. ~TABASCO~ says:

    These tires are NICE… Just got a set myself and looking forward to installing this A-SAP ! Supertenere1200 BLOG is the best ! ! ! ! ! Keep up the good work !

  2. Hernia says:

    I will definitely keep up on your blog stuff if I can. I can’t wait to get my scoot. I’m glad you are going to keep this up.

  3. ~TABASCO~ says:

    Great review !!!!! Thanks for all the info !

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