Hepco Becker parts for the Super Ténéré

I had the opportunity to visit Capital Cycle yesterday, east coast distributors for Hepco Becker parts. You can also get this stuff from Amotostuff in Nevada.

Here’s a of PDF showing the gear fitted to the bike.

There is a fairly comprehensive list of stuff for the Super Ténéré, but it’s relatively expensive so I wanted to see first before deciding to buy. Hopefully this will help some of you with your decision. Hard to know for sure without seeing other gear, but for a lot of the HB stuff, I like what I see and think it’s probably worth the extra money.

Detailed images and fitting instructions (pdf)

Pannier Racks – p/n 6504531.0001
Rear Rack – p/n 6504531.0101
Rear Rack replacing pillion seat – p/n 6704531.0101
Crash Bars – p/n 5014531
Tank Guard – p/n 5024531
Skid Plate – p/n 8104531
Cardan Sleeve Protection – p/n 420.4531-01
Water Pump Protection – p/n 420.4531-02


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  1. George F says:

    I’m Goldie05 from ADV site.

    Great start for a Tenere site, beautiful design, love the head banner.
    I think there’s a problem with the “RSS” feed button though, when I clicked on it, it could not be added to Google reader, said something about incorrect feed settings. I copied the link and noticed it was missing the “rss” at the end.
    Your link is “http://supertenere1200.com/feed”, after I added the “rss” at the end it worked :-) You might want to fix it.
    I’m now a follower, I am making my list of parts too.

    • admin says:

      Hi Goldie05, don’t know what was up with the RSS, but appears to be working now. Thanks for your support!

  2. hANNAbONE says:

    Just got up to speed on this website. Very nice job, I gotta say.
    Hope to revisit here in the coming weeks as I kit out my Supa10.
    Best of luck and Blessings for an “adventurous” ride.

    Best :
    John Hanna

  3. Jim Kolbe says:

    Nice job on the website!! It is a nice addition for the Super Tenere.
    Keep up the good work..

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